As COVID-19 restrictions put the brakes on field days, we’ve now got a series of podcasts talking about the PQF area and themes.

4 Apr 2020Post Quake Farming series – Ep1

Post-quake and in COVID: farmer wellbeing.

In this episode we talk with North Canterbury farmer Emlyn Francis and lifestyle coach Marina Shearer to discuss the wellbeing of farmers post the Kaikoura Earthquake.

24 min


11 Apr 2020: Post Quake Farming series – Ep2:

In this episode we talk with farmer Ben Murray, and industry professionals Michael Wise and Peter Bosworth, on succession planning and implementation.

47 min


18 Apr 2020: Post Quake farming series – Ep3

Marty Kelly from Mt Lyford, and Professor David Norton of Canterbury University

30 min

24 Apr 2020: Post Quake Farming series – Ep4 

Integrated forestry and farming systems can benefit both the farm and the environment. Today’s discussion is with farmer Henry Pinckney and forestry consultant David Janet

21 minutes

30 Apr 2020: Post Quake farming series – Ep5

Rebecca Kelly has one of nine enrichment planting trial sites in North Canterbury, and senior ecologist Dr Adam Forbes explains the trials.

32 min


8 May 2020: Post Quake farming series – Ep6

Horticultural alternatives, with Mark Eastman who grows hazelnut trees in Waiau, and Principal Scientist Brent Clothier of Plant and Food Research who has conducted horticulture suitability assessments around the Post Quake Farming Project area.
31 min

15 May 2020: POst Quake Farming series – Ep7

Water use and its impact on rural communities: Commercial, social, infrastructure and environmental aspects. This week, a commercial focus with Andrew Barton, CEO of Amuri Irrigation Co, and farmer David Croft, and conversations around the amount of water drawn from the Waiau river.


23 May 2020:  Post Quake farming series – Ep8 

The social benefit of irrigation with agriculture and land use change expert Nick Taylor, and Amuri farmer Tom McFarlane.

31 min


30 min

In this episode we take a look at the environmental impacts of irrigation, we talk with farmer Nick Ensor and Environmental scientist Ken Hughey.

24 min
Following the theme of irrigation, Gus talks to local farmer Mark Zeno, and Scott Hore, senior project manager from Innovo.
An agri-tourism conversation with Scotty Bamford and Joanna Fountain.
Agri-tourism with Genevieve King, who’s developed a mountain bike business on her parents’ farm.
Gus talks with Dan Shand and Graeme Abbot on agri-tourism.
This week there’s a focus on merino wool, talking with Sarah Read on her new business venture, and Tom O’Sullivan, the chair of Campaign for Wool.
Gus talks with farmer and SmartWool supplier Linda Dickson, and Ken Algie from AgMatch, on the future of strong wool.
Women in the rural sector with farmer Jen LePine and Marina Shearer of Profile Coaching.