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With thanks to the farming families sharing their businesses with us.

Dr Adam Forbes and Ollie Belton from Carbon Forest Services have run a detailed presentation on work we are doing to better understand the potential of the native forest resource. Watch it here on vimeo.



Mapping Exotic and Native Forest Potential in the Post-Quake Farming Project Area

Case 3 Hawkswood  Integrated farming and forestry case study 3: Hawkswood and Braemar, Parnassus.

Land Resource Inventory surveying armed the Chaffeys with Land Use Capability information to help them choose the way forward for their farming system.

PQF Case Study 2_Kulnine


Are you thinking about integrating forestry and farming?  Using the One Billion Trees fund to regenerate natives?  Have a look at what the Pinckneys have done on their farm The Gates in Waiau.

PQF Case Study 1_The Gates

Thanks to Tony and Angela Blunt and their three strapping lads for hosting a group of farmers at Steepdown on the Inland Road.

The Blunt’s property is a great example of mitigating risk by diversifying income streams: forestry, tourism, honey and of course farming.

Putting regenerating native areas into the ETS is paying dividends; replanting is also helping with stability on EQ-stricken slopes.


The farm summary is attached. Stay tuned for the case study.

Agenda + Summary – 4 October 2019



Presentation on 1 Billion Trees and the Emissions Trading Scheme by Adrian Loo, Forest Management Group.

PQF Presentation – Adrian Loo

Here’s the presentation given by Henry Pinckney at the PQF Field Day he kindly hosted last August.

The Gates Field Day – Integrated Forestry & Farming